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2015-05-13 12:33 Reply
How to choose a good steroid powder supplier

As we all know that choose a good supplier is a not easy thing, seller hope to be able to sell high price, buyer want to buy nice and cheap, this leads to the relationship between the two sides are opposite.

So how to choose one of the most suitable suppliers in the vast number of suppliers, and how to know they are good or liar.Today, I will share my over ten years experience to you.


1. Paid sites - the simplest judgment for true and false


On famous B2B website, search rankings at first, paid seller, then basically can determine not a liar. Why can I say that, first of all, the cheater is generally do business without cost, you pay them and then can’t receive goods or receive fakes, and payment platform means that he should pay the cost. Also one reason is that if the customer has been cheated, and they must would going to find the cheater, to complain, to leave a message, to review, to exposure. So, if a liar did pay platform, that once he lied to a man, the paid website is useless.


2. How to find the best price supplier


Many people know shop around, and then, a lot of people before buy things, they send lots of inquiry, a dozen or even 20 or 30. Here I want to say is, choose not only one suppler asking price, it is wise to choose, that if you choose too much, it is not right. When you want to buy a product, you can look for three to five suppliers, then the synthetic evaluation of see, see the product pictures, compare the prices, can do sample order if you have money, compare the quality. That some people will ask, it is enough for a three to five, the more choice should not be looking for? Actually, our suppliers sometimes also can communicate with each other, and our website backstage some is we can see how many inquirys you sent. Once, we found that the same enquiry you sent to a lot of people, then we certainly does not think you are a very good guest, so when you ask the price, maybe we give price is not good price, may not be the best service attitude. The final result is when you do the last decision would not be the best one. Please become a good customer, and you can more easily find the best supplier.


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