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2015-04-28 15:58 Reply
Look out Fake Inquiry Arrival Notice!

Dear EC21 members,

Fake Inquiry Arrival Notices have been going out by email. So we are very much concerned more members will fall for the scam.

Please look out those emails asking for account information especially ‘Email Password’.

Scammers often use the exact names, logos and color schemes of the original emails from us.

Also, make sure if the
linked page through the ‘Check Inquiry’ button has EC21 URLs:

Here are some indications to know if you may have received a fake notice:

- The sender address doesn't match our website/URL

- The emails ask you to provide personal information; Don't reply or click on any links.

They intended to make you act quickly without considering the consequences. So if you mistakenly click on links and enter your information, change your password right away at your email account and

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