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2015-01-20 16:05 Reply
2015 19th China Int'l Nutrition and Health Industry Expo
"2015 19th China(autumn) International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo"
Time: October 14th to 16th 2015
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center.

 If you are the following suppliers, please reserve the booth:
Special setting up area: Health care products direct selling enterprises Display Area, Conference Experience Marketing Display Area, Dietary fiber products Area

A: Nutrition and Health Food area:Life nourishment products, nutrients, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, functional food, pollen products, enriched food, ginseng products, fish oil products, enzymatic products, green alga products, embryo products, chlorophyll products, aloes products, fungus products, botanical extracts etc. 

B: Health-care (functional) products area:Natural products, organic food , enhancing immunity products, anti-aging products, cardiovascular disease prevention products, anti-cancer products, liver protection products and kidney filling products, marine biological products, diet products and gain weight health care products, amino acids, blood tonic, dietary fiber, DHA/EPA products, new resources of food, etc. 

C: Health-care(functional)drinks area: Health-care drinks, health-care juice, jam, health-care tea, health-care liquor, functional water, slimming tea, vegetable protein beverage, beauty beverages, lactic acid bacteria drinks, coffee drinks and the relevant drinks;

D: Beauty and slimming products area: Collagen, coenzymeQ10, hyaluronic acid, skin care cosmetics, Functional cosmetics and slimming products, skincare cosmetics, natural beauty products, herbal cosmetics, body shaping underwear, foot bath, foot treatment medical  products, etc.

E: Sugar-free products area: Special Dietary foods, low-sugar beverage, milk powder, oatmeal, corn grains products, diabetes health food, sugar-free biscuits, xylitol Tablets, No sugar wafers, no sugar layer cake, no sugar grains cookies, no sugar cookies, no sugar teppanyaki, etc.  

F: Diet therapy medicinal food products area:Diet therapy and medicinal food raw materials and related equipment, Chinese traditional medicine (chopped/traditional medicine etc) , Chinese medicine pills, national features drugs and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, material and extract etc.

G: Health-care products packaging area: Medicine and health-care production equipment and packing equipment, printing equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials, etc.

H: Health services area: traditional Chinese medicine health maintenance, health care servicing agency, brand servicing agency, health care consulting and nursing services, health check-up agency.


Company Name: Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co., Ltd
Mailing Add: Room 904, Cell 4, Building 1, No 69(Fortune street tower), Chao yang Road, Chao yang District, Beijing  
Contact: Anna Li
QQ: 2355911364

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