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Villa | huizhou south kunshan cross water ecological vacation home

South kunshan, eight bamboo villa half hidden deep inside the mountain side stream, emerald green, they like eight wise men in the bamboo forest, have a faint fragrance of flowers, singing birds, but the essence of mu wen run, substantial myriad of weather, make people feel they are the sort of carefree temperament of the quiet inside collect and "derived from nature, due to natural" invigorative beauty.
Aesthetics, it is not just visual, but also as a kind of care, it includes both the respect for people, also includes the awe to nature.

Bamboo villa originally designed by architect Simon (SimonVelez) of Columbia, the lifelong to explore building great master to cross the water ecological architecture with classic bamboo structure buildings, symbiotic form to undertake interior design work, on the basis of reading master of architecture design, the modification of the original plan for local and element into the local architectural culture, and increases the hakka dwellings of the backyard.

Bamboo villa indoor and outdoor draws inspiration from the hakka local-style dwelling houses building, using the first diaojiao building combined with a second patio courtyard space layout, wet partition, the first 32 stake held the diaojiao building, including guest rooms and viewing balcony;Second half for TianJingShi hot spring area, including the wet area, hot spring pool and outdoor platform.Due to the modification of hot spring area, makes the construction of functional and artistic quality be extended.

Nankun mountain bamboo resources provides designers with advantaged construction materials, from the building to decorate, the structure of the bamboo is not only the building elements, and indoor decorative elements.Design as much as possible to avoid the use of concrete, such as drawing inspiration from the local folk house, in the local brought in to make rammed earth wall of craftsmen, backyard assembled wall for the building, almost lost the way of the structure of the civil building.Bamboo, retaining wall, they with tiles, river stone and bamboo to construct a low profile and unique local characteristics of landscape architecture.

Cross the water ecological resort is the U.S. national geographic magazine to promote one of the 50 largest ecological resort, is also the development of the ecotourism in China model, maximize the ecological and environmental protection, as well as the high grade resort.Project with a designer's enthusiasm, effort and responsibility down-to-earth practice case of a high-end ecological resort, lasted for four years, until mountains and lush, the bamboo villa finally bloom.

Resort telephone: 0752-7693666
Resort address: huizhou longmen longmen county nankun mountain national forest park.
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