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2014-12-11 12:48 Reply
The direction of the market LED pixel lamp illuminate China manufacturers

 LED always has the characteristics of high electro-optic conversion efficiency and long life, and with its brightness continues to improve, this kind of product is being more and more widely used innotebook computer and handheld products, lighting, automotive lighting, traffic indication, indoor and outdoor mobile lighting and other occasions, and even to replace the incandescent lampproducts of the traditional trend.

  Huge market potential to inspire the enthusiasm of investment and production Chinese LED manufacturers. Although product prices are still tends to decline, manufacturers are still in the expansion of production capacity, increase the types of products and developnew application. In this emerging industry, LED pixel lamp (ClusterLamp) a country. Using LED pixel matrix size and advanced packaging technology, this product is expected to become one of the major artificial light in people's daily life and work, it might besince Edison invented the incandescent lamp, human made in this area the most important progress.

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