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2014-12-10 12:51 Reply
Several common problems of outdoor LED lighting fixtures

A power supply problem, life problem.

  The electrolytic capacitor itself volatile electrolyte problem, we often talk about the life of the power supply is only determined by the electrolytic capacitor of the power supply, this really is?

  The answer is no..

  Most of the time, the capacitance is not the reason of outdoor lighting power supply failure effects. For example, the European200W outdoor LED power, the efficiency is 93%, the capacitance of the temperature is 35 degrees, when the environment temperature is 45 degrees or shell temperature of 70 degrees under the conditions, can achieve 80000 hours of life the application conditions of electrolytic capacitor in itself 105 the condition of thelife of 10000 hours. This means that the power life in conventional applications can be as long as more than 10 years, longer life thanthe lamp itself. In order to achieve the longest service life of power supply, suggest lamp case temperature is less than 30 degrees. In practical application, the influence of the life of the power supplymay be more lightning failure, waterproofing failure problem

  Question two, lightning failure problem

  In the outdoor lighting lighting power applications, especially suburbs without other high buildings, lightning failure problems often occur lamp.

  How to avoid the induction thunder lightning failure, increaseexternal lightning protection module or anti lightning ability to improve the power supply itself is imperative. The European powerstandard 4KV/4KV lightning protection, can be extended to support the 4KV/6KV lightning itself. 10KV external lightning protectionmodule can be anti 10KV.

  Because of the design margin and components batch, production control, in order to manage the power supply lightning protectionability, each batch of pumping test to verify the necessary work of lightning.

  Question three, waterproofing failure problem

  In practical application, the power of the most stringent waterprooftest status is hot day when the power suddenly rain at work, so thefailure rate is the highest.

  According to the validation analysis, as the temperature falls, the power supply itself expansion and contraction leads to a metal jointgap, more easy to water.

  Then we need to rely on the glue itself to cover componentssurface, prevent water and components in contact. In order to solve this problem, the European general scheme is adopted multi segment type vacuum pumping, the exclusion of glue bubbles to avoid waterproofing failure problem.

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