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2014-12-10 12:44 Reply
The theme and direction of development of LED lighting

     The traditional lighting is the theme of environment, objectreduction is dark, so the traditional lighting is the subject reduction,the pursuit of the traditional lighting of the light is color reduction,the pursuit of brightness. But with the change of environment of human life, to better use light with higher pursuit and longing, plus the LED lighting can meet people's demand, so the development of LED lighting will have wider world. After inheriting and confusion in the LED industry, to meet the people in light of the pursuit of a better, will be the theme and direction of development of LED lighting.

  LED is a semiconductor light source low voltage, because can not directly applied to the city electricity, need the power conversion for low intermediate links, this is LED's weakness, but this in turn is precisely the advantage of LED, because in the intermediate linkscan be added to the element we want -- control system, to LED lightmake better adjusted, so the emergence of technology in the field of high voltage LED will go to the extreme market functionality. LEDis a light source unit is very small, this is LED has a disadvantage, ifin turn to consider, through the light type, structure adjustment can also put this disadvantage into an advantage, but also becausepeople different pursuit of light, the same kind of products can be made out of LED lighting lamps with various colors and shapes thisis the traditional light source, it is difficult to do and incomparable.

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