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2014-12-10 12:33 Reply
The future of LED lighting company is more optimistic about the construction of

      In recent years, with the accelerated process of urban modernization, large-scale events and activities held, landmarkbuildings, city lighting engineering, especially the truth lighting and lighting lighting has made considerable development.

  Arguably, gradually strengthen LED replace the trend, brought aseries of more benign and clear trend and phenomenon, but the fact is not satisfactory.

  In fact, compared with the distribution channels and gradually hotbusiness channel, channel There is nothing comparable to thisproject has the advantages and have no bottom industry unspoken rule. Engineering channel over the years has been a piece of "fat meat manufacturers competing for the". In recent years, the rise of the domestic mass reconstruction project, provided an opportunity for the lighting engineering company.

  As the product competition, the previous focus on some manufacturers circulation channels have to find his method,develop new profit growth point.

  Since the beginning of this year, a number of lighting companieshave increased the commercial lighting engineering efforts in these areas, in order to seek the counter price decline in overall declinebrought about by the. At the same time, small and medium-sizedcommercial lighting project more also popularized more and more in the first few years of the market.

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