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2014-12-08 14:31 Reply
LED light source of Art

      Color constitute the basic elements of visual aesthetics, is an important means to beautify the room. Light source selection directly affect lighting art effect, LED color display lighting art showsincomparable advantages; the current color LED products covering the whole visible spectral range, and good monochromaticity, high color purity, combination of red, green, yellow LED make the colorand gray selection has great flexibility.

  The lamp is luminous sculptures, from the material, structure,shape and texture structure of the lamp material form also show an important means of art. LED technology can make the bedroom lamps will be organic combination of science and art better,breaking the edge frame of traditional lamp box, beyond the so-called lamps and lanterns inherent concept, lighting design in the art of creative performance of visual perception and shape, with a new perspective to understand, understand and express the theme of light.

  We can be more flexible use of optical technology in combinationwith dark match, light and color, material, structural design advantages, improve the function of lighting design freedom to weaken the lamp, let the lamp becomes a kind of visual art, to create a comfortable and beautiful light art effect. For example, the LED lamp made of translucent synthetic materials and aluminum,can be arbitrarily set aside on the ground, corner of a wall or on the table, the idea of simple and easy, modality of visual perception and light experience, let the lamp into a life full of fun and vitality.

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