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2014-12-05 16:20 Reply
Smurfit Kappa Turnhout Fosber Line details


The new corrugator is a full Fosber 2.8m wide machine for single wall production of B, C and E flutes. Fully CE certified by Fosber, the line has been configured to optimise the high speed production of a wide range of papers including very light weight papers all at reduced consumptions.

The SMART quick change cassette single facer supports Fosber's BELTLESS extended nip design that in conjunction with the automatic kiss roll produces a quality of corrugated board that favourably matches (or in some cases even surpasses) that produced on a belted machine, but at a fraction of the operating cost. The differential design of the corrugating rolls greatly reduces the flute forming labyrinth, reducing paper tension and allowing optimum flute formation especially when running the lightest papers. The tungsten coated corrugating rolls are peripherally heated for virtually instantaneous and even heating across the roll surface and eliminate the need for any siphoning pipes.

The STAND-M2 roll stands are equipped with automatic centring, roll dressing, alignment, loading and unloading cycles. The roll stands have jumbo roll capability and support double hydraulic cylinders on each side. Innovative multi-disc brakes dramatically reduce wear providing many years of maintenance-free operation and constant paper tension. The LINK-400 constant tension splicer has a double-sided fixed splice head position for safe, quick & easy splice preparation. An automatic “fool proof” indexing system of the prepared splice into the correct position eliminates any possibility of operator error. The tension in the splicers is automatically controlled according to actual reel diameter, paper width and paper quality. The TAIL-LINK feature allows reels to be run right down to the very core, minimising waste.

All pre-heaters on the corrugator line are able to run from maximum to zero wrap, which is another important factor for running the lightest paper qualities.

The CREST double glue unit and EXPRESS double backer allow starch and steam consumptions to be significantly reduced. The CREST’s automatically adjusting rider roll contact system, precision gap controls and specially designed engraved applicator roll ensure a precise but minimum amount of starch is applied just to the flute tips. The EXPRESS double backer has three independent controlled heating sections each able to run down to just 0.5 bar with a closed loop condensate recovery system. Two independently driven AC drive motors provide 200KW of pulling power and a unique variable shoe pressure system provides perfect bond and moisture balance thanks to a constant and even dispersion of pressure onto the board right across the web right up to its edges, at which point the pressure is removed (whatever the running paper width) to eliminate any edge crush.

The corrugator dry-end is composed of Fosber’s latest series 400 range of equipment, to produce sheet sizes from 500mm to 4500mm in length and in width from 250mm to 2800mm. The CONSTANT SYSTEM dry-end order change facility allows continuous gapless order changes at the highest line speeds without the need to sever the web.

The TWIN-400 slitter scorer is configured with Fosber’s OIL FREE slitting system and equipped to run offset (normal and reverse), point-to-point and point-to-flat scoring profiles on back-to-back orders. The rest of the dry-end consists of Fosber's top of the range Series 6 Master Cut-Off knife to optimise the production of short chop lengths at the highest line speeds and the Terminal 400 double down stacker which has a very short order cycle capability.

Fosber’s SYNCRO corrugator and process control ensures the full automation and synchronisation of the corrugator line and is fully interfaced to the plant's OMP host scheduling system. The fully automatic process control monitors, measures and manages all the various settings and variables of the corrugating process such as temperature and moisture controls, glue gaps, steam pressures, wrap arm positions, paper tensions, double backer pressure settings etc. All these process functions and settings are automatically applied, adjusted, monitored and recorded for each paper, board quality and order run.

The "RECORD" feature within SYNCRO collects and stores all the production and process data from the previous 12 months in real time history for each and every single individual dry-end order produced off the corrugator. Such data recorded includes the actual running speeds, the specific IDs of each individual paper reels that were used to run that order, as well as all the corrugator process settings such as steam pressures, wrap arm positions, temperature and moisture readings, glue settings, shoe settings etc.

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