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2014-12-05 11:09 Reply
LED njection module five big factors
1. Life span
The second important factors influencing the LED module price is the life spans, and the life span is determined by Light failure. Droop small, long life, full of goods, the price is high
2. chip
LED light for chips, chips are not the same, for LED injection modules, it has greatly affect on the price.
LED injection advertising module, in short, LED module is equal to the goods which use the light emitting diode put together according to necessary rules and encapsulate, plus some waterproof disposal.
3. Brightness
LED brightness is not the same, the price also is difference. High brightness LED modules may choose high brightness LED, the price will be higher than general. If it is used as the general advertising ornament, we can choose the general goods, but if it is a top advertising light source, choose the high brightness LED module is a good choose.
4. The colloid
The general LED module uses epoxy resin as a colloid,  LED module colloid which added purple paint and fire-resistant agent is more expensive. If used for outdoor advertising display, good colloid packaged goods can use more long.
 5. The size of the chip
The size of the chip mainly embody in the length of side, LED injection advertising module if choose big chip LED, the quality will be better than small chip. In terms of price, price is inversely proportional to the size of the chip.
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