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2014-12-04 11:40 Reply
The future development of LED status

     With the continuous innovation and change of the industry, the roadmap and the current state of the elimination of incandescent lamps, LED lighting "trend" is even more vivid. And LED lighting has entered a rapid growth, LED lighting prices will continue to decline,sales will continue to increase, the degree of concern will continue warming, LED lighting device will accelerate the replacement of ordinary lighting products. In the LED constant change at the same time, also pose challenges.

  As you can see, at present the traditional lighting has beenreplaced since the LED lighting, LED lighting industry as a wholeinto the market, the rules of the game to the original market is the same, but the traditional LED lighting lighting enterprises andenterprises of the starting line than ever closer. Moreover, the current LED solutions have been deep into all segments of the market, the technology also had a breakthrough. In the future for a very short time, like T5, T8 will soon be replaced, in the premise of quality assurance, LED price will be higher.

  When talking about the future trend of the development of lightingindustry, lighting industry in the future is a process of LED. Lightingrequirements of different applications, the LED presents a highpower, low power and so on situation. The progress and development of packaging technology is the main reason for more than two years to raise the performance of LED, LED price declinehas exceeded the performance improvement of the speed, so how to create greater value is a very important issue. "The market is large enough, can let people have the ability to live, let can choose the right partner people live.

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