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2014-12-04 11:33 Reply
What is LED plastic luminous characters

  Plastic is a kind of light character, the board typically use acrylic sheet of plastic molding, and then by the combination of a baseetc.. The internal placement of LED lamp, surface processes haveplanar, flat drum, drum, drum and other forms of edge ball, the material of the box body are metal paint, aluminum, stainless steel,titanium, literal color can be natural palette, also can be a color orfour-color printing.

    Plastic characters with colorful, colorful, characteristics of durable,good effect in day and night, wide application range, such as various types of shop strokes, enterprises and institutions, internal and external wall and roof of the facade image large luminous characters. While Shenzhen xinglianxin light source Co. Ltd. theresearch and development of LED module production, widely used in fine luminous characters resin, stainless steel back Polish word,plastic luminous characters, Hong Kong Style luminous characters,signs and other LED decorative lighting engineering. The Shanghai World Expo, bank, medical and pharmaceutical, catering, clothing,real estate, intercity transportation and other industries, have leftour outstanding works.

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