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2014-12-03 11:36 Reply
The fundamental knowledge throughout the LED module

 (1) color:

  This is a fundamental parameter, not the same color used indifferent occasions. According to the color varieties can be divided into seven monochrome, color, full-color single point control three.Monochromatic is a single color, can not be changed. Connect the power can work. Colorful is all a bunch of module can only be the same color, can not complete the single module is not the samecolor, simple speaking is only can all the modules are the same color at the same time only, not the same moment can changebetween seven colors. Full color single point is can be manipulated into every module of color, time of arrival to a certain degree in themodule can complete the apparent number of image and videoeffects. Colorful and full color single point to add control system to complete the function, we in the control system of chapter specificintroduced control system to select and use.

  (2) voltage:

  This is a very important parameter of low voltage module, current 12V is compared commonly. When connect the power supply andcontrol system must be correct to view the voltage value, canelectrify, otherwise it will damage the LED module.

  (3) the operation temperature:

  That is to say, LED normal operating temperature. The general condition of between -20 to +60 DEG C, if the scale of demand a high contrast situations will be carried out special treatment.

  (4) light view:

  No LED module with lens light view mainly by the LED resolution,LED is not the same light view is not the same, generally by theluminous viewpoint manufacturers supply LED LED module angle.

  (5) the brightness:

  This parameter is a parameter you contrast the attention,brightness contrast is disorderly problem in LED, brightness, wegenerally in the module of LED said is generally light intensity anddegree of lumens luminous intensity, generally in small power(MCD), in the high power in general said lumen (LM). We say "LED"module illumination is each LED illumination addition on the line ah,although not very accurate, but this attitude is also the fundamentalto demand, ha ha, personal opinion!

  (6) waterproof grade:

  If the outdoor LED module with the words of this parameter is very important, this ensures that the LED module can work in an important goal of outdoor for long time. The general situation to reach IP65 in the condition of the best waterproof grade of full open

  (7) scale:

  This comparison is simple, that is the general said the length and width of senior scale. (8) the maximum length of a singleconnection:

  We do this parameter in large engineering by contrast, its meaningis in a series of LED module, a LED module connects the number.Contact the LED module connection line size. Also according to actual situation to order.

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