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2014-12-02 11:23 Reply
LED lamps have what advantage

LED energy saving lamp is a new energy saving lamp that appears in recent years, comparing with the traditional lamp, LED lamp has the advantages of Qingdao:

  1: the same brightness compared to high efficiency and energy saving, energy saving lamp LED 3W 333 hour consumption of 1 kwh, while the ordinary 60W incandescent lamp 17 hourconsumption of 1 kwh, ordinary 5W energy saving lamp 200 hourconsumption 1 kwh of electricity.

  2 long life: the LED lamp using light-emitting semiconductor chip, no filament, no glass bubble, shock resistance, not easy to break, the service life of up to fifty thousand hours (common incandescentlamp life of only one thousand hours, the ordinary energy-savinglamp life of only eight thousand hours)

  3 health: health light light in the ultraviolet and infrared rays less,produce less radiation (ordinary light containing ultraviolet and infrared)

  4 green environmental protection: no harmful elements such as mercury and xenon conducive to recovery, containing mercury andlead and other elements in the ordinary lamp.

  LED lamps to replace the traditional energy saving lamp is convenient in installation process, basically there is no need to be modified, the jewelry store as an example, the top of the ceiling lamp and counter the internal use of lighting can be replaced with LED lamps, LED lamps and light does not produce heat, the color and brightness of the light is in control, you can according to the customer sales product characteristics to determine the illuminationcolor, the actual use effect is better than traditional lamps.

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