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2014-12-02 11:20 Reply
Classification of LED lamp

  一: LED energy saving lamp is made of straw hat type small power LED, power supply adopts a resistance capacitance step-down circuit. Package form hat type LED extended indicator LED, epoxy resin package, which the LED chip can not be heat dissipation, light attenuation is serious, a lot of white LED, the use of a period of time, the color temperature becomes higher, gradually into the blue side, become dim. There is also a straw hat type LED factory is committed to the development of low light degradation, but because there is no changing the package form, light attenuation is still nobig change. This type of LED energy-saving lamps products, as a transitional product, the price is low, quality is poor. The 5050 patchLED energy saving lamp

  二 class: LED energy saving lamp made by the power of 3528 or 5050 patch LED, the power also generally use a resistance capacitance step-down circuit, there are also some manufacturers use a constant current circuit, compared with straw hat type LED,SMD LED cooling slightly better, a heat conducting substrate, in conjunction with the aluminum substrate, a part of heat can bederived. But because still ignore the LED heat, a lot of power chipLED energy saving lamp, no radiator, still use plastic shell,luminous decay is still serious. Use a resistance capacitance step-down low-end power, because the power grid voltage instability,current fluctuations, fluctuations in brightness is also slightly better quality, moderate price, high power LED energy-saving lamp.

  三 class: LED energy saving lamp is made of high power LEDpower supply commonly used patch, a constant current isolation circuit, which has a constant current, such as 5W LED, usually by 5 pieces of 1 watt LED chip series, powered by the current source of constant current of 300mA, wide voltage, the grid wave when thecurrent is not changed, the luminous flux is maintained constantbrightness, 5 piece LED is welded on the aluminum substrate,aluminum plate combined with on the radiator, the heat used in time of rapid dispersed, to ensure the LED chip temperature is lower than the LED allows the junction temperature, so as to ensure real and effective life of LED energy saving lamp. This kind of LED lampprice is high, the quality is good, but also the development directionof LED energy-saving lamp.

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