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2014-12-01 14:26 Reply
LED Tube light Development Process

     Domestic LED fluorescent lamp started later than in the international market, but the development speed is far higher than other similar economies. In 2005 Chinese LED fluorescent tubeenterprises began to mass production, but at that time due to LEDlight source, heat dissipation shell, drive limited power technology,LED fluorescent tube widespread low light effect, short service life,high rate of repair, safety hidden danger of high defect, but with the

  LED technology, package, a heat conducting plate shell heat dissipation, driving power supply technology improvement and perfection, at present China LED fluorescent tube not only enhance light efficiency, prolongs the service life of fast repair rate, reducethe cost, prices have continued to decline, LED fluorescent tubeinto the civilian market areas will be earlier than expected.

  The process of Chinese LED fluorescent tube developmentaccording to the different LED light, heat dissipation shell materialor design, supply different placed in different ways are the difference between the. According to the different LED light sourceChinese LED fluorescent tube development process sequence is roughly LAMP series, SMD series and COB series three packagetype; according to the heat dissipation shell material or design a different shape and its development process the order of plastictype, semi plastic aluminum pipe type, half full aluminium three;according to the different ways of power placed its development process the order of the internal and external two; according to the structure of different models and its development process is in the order of T8, T10, T5. The following introduces China LED fluorescent tube according to the course of development in the use of different light sources. Figure 1 as the source process of development situation of Chinese LED fluorescent tubes used since 2005..

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