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2014-11-01 11:46 Reply
I like travel so, I hope I can go to every place on this world
Hey Guy :
Hmm...Hi,I am Sara ,now I am from Shenzhen ,now I am 24 years old ,when I were study I were travel Guilin ,when practice I travel Beijing shandong qingdao .I gone to shanghai by May,2014 ,and gone to Hangzhou and jiaxing on 1st Oct. 2014 
Now I have a plan,I want to France and European,I like Romanti,so I think Roman is very beauty city ,there ladies and handsome is very ........I think will be surprice for me .

If you are in Roman  or Fance ,If you want to travel with me ,pls contact with me .need a partner  and a guider.
I am 24 and a gril ...
And I also want to find a boyfriend ,he is not a chinese boy .
My skype ID is niki.3222
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