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2014-07-08 17:32 Reply
Eternal Summer ED was set,Fans identify the area where the Free!

Rin’s sexy dancing aside, the other cast members were doing their own thing like Rei Ryuugasaki doing some weird experiment  in what seems to be a swimming pool “underwater area”. That very “underwater area” is actually a contemporary art exhibit in a museum in Kanagawa which provides the facade that you are really underwater.

Eternal Summer ED was set

The exhibit is in the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanagawa and is named “Swimming Pool” which aims to “reflect” the beauty of a figure as seen by someone underwater. Also known as the “Pool Of Leandro”, it was based on the concept by Leandro Erlich and this would be the artist’s first solo exhibit in Japan. The exhibit will only be shown until August 31, 2014 so Free! fans better hurry.

Eternal Summer ED was set

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