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2014-04-30 21:05 Reply
Photocopy Paper Scam
In February I was looking online for quality A4 Photocopy Paper and found on EC21 and other websites an offer for a well known brand of paper from Thailand - Double A. I made contact with the factory and all the boxes regarding certification and the ability to provide an OEM brand were confirmed. I was under pressure to supply clients at the time who were looking for between 5-10 containers of paper so probably did not undertake the due diligence that was necessary. It should have been obvious from the price offered that it was a scam however every question was answered to satisfy me it could be genuine. At that stage there was regular communication by email,Skype and phone calls. I decided to trial one container on the basis I would travel to Thailand for final inspection. So I paid the deposit to the Company and still had communication up until the 5th of April when the General Manager advised they would be closing for the Thailand Water Festival holidays. I said I would come after the these holidays and the first opportunity was after the Easter Holiday.
I arrived in Bangkok and enlisted the help of an agent who could call in Thai however all lines were disconnected and no answer from email or Skype. I also met with the genuine Double A factory who had no knowledge of the Company presenting themselves as the their factory. Once I was alerted to an obvious scam I find that I was only one of many people that were tricked by these fraudsters. So please be aware I am suprised that these people are still on EC21 they have either removed themselves or been deleted from other websites? This is the link
I am fortunate that my Government is considering how they can help recover the deposit and additional travel costs of a similar amount. I am hoping they will involve Interpol as these people must be stopped. As a person who has worked nearly 50 years I am very hurt that with all my experience I could be cheated like this and believe me the money is important to me at this time!

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IMEX Sourcing
IMEX Sourcing
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1. 2014-05-29 11:39 in response to: Cheated
Re : Photocopy Paper Scam
It  is  best  to  exercise  due  diligence  when  dealing  with  such foreign companies.  Research  is  critical  as  well  as  verifying  the  companies  before  transacting  with  them.   

To  avoid  fraud  cases  such  as  these,  it  is  best  to  hire  a  third  party  company  which  can  provide  China  Company  verification  services  such  as  our  company,  IMEX  Sourcing  Services

If  you  want  to  learn  more  details,  do  visit  our  website  or  you  can  PM  me  via  the  forum. 


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Rajesh Agarwal
Rajesh Agarwal
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2. 2014-06-12 19:00 in response to: Cheated
Re : Photocopy Paper Scam
Dear  Sir,
                I  am  also  sourcing  for  A4  copy  paper.  I  have  contacted  many  online  suppliers  from  Thialand,Indonasia,Malaysia,South  Africa,Camaroon,hungary  and  also  Germany.From  my  dealings  I  guarantee  that  all  are  frauds.  All  of  them  are  asking  for  15  to  30%  advance.  Their  rates  are  so  lucrative  that  knowing  that  it  is  not  possible,  people  fell  in  trap.Kindly  note  that  if  rates  are  less  than  $2.5  per  ream,you  are  compromising  on  quality  or  quantity.
Rajesh  Agarwal  
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