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【Practical Exhibition Oral English】Exhibition Oral English⑧(Keep updating~)

签单 签单前建议

1. Before the formal contract is drawn up wed like to restate the main points of the agreement.

2. We can get the contract finalized now.

3. Could you repeat the terms weve settled?

4. It is very important for us to abide by contracts and keep good faith.

5. Have you any questions as regards to the contract?

6. Id like to hear your ideas about the problem.

  7. I think it is better to have a good understanding of all clauses before signing a contract.

8. Do you have any comment to make about this clause?

9. Do you think the contract contains basically all we have agreed on during negotiations?

10. Everything has been arranged well. I hope the signing of the contract will go smoothly.


11. These are two originals of the contract we prepared.


12. When shall we sign the contract?

13. Mr. Brown, do you think it is time to sign the contract?

14. Shall we go over the other terms and conditions of the contract to see if we agree on all the particulars?

15. Shall we sign the contract now?

16. Just sign there on the bottom.

17. The contract is ready, would you mind reading it through?

18. We have reached an agreement on all the clauses discussed so far. It is time to sing the contract.


19. Im very pleased that we have come to an agreement at last.

20. Lets congratulate ourselves for the successful contract.

付款方式 客人询问付款方式

1. Shall we discuss the terms of payment?

2. What is your regular practice about terms of payment?

3. What are your terms of payment?

4. How are we going to arrange payment?

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