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【Practical Exhibition Oral English】Exhibition Oral English⑦(Keep updating~)

交货 客人询问交货期

54. What about our request for the early delivery of the goods?

55. What is the earliest time when you can make delivery?

56. How long does it usually take you to make delivery?

57. When will you deliver the products to us?

58. When will the goods reach our port?

59. What about the method of delivery?

60. Will it possible for you to ship the goods before early October?


61. I think we can meet your requirement.

62. I m sorry. We cant advance the time of delivery.

63. Im very sorry for the delay in delivery and the inconvenience it must have caused you..


64. We can assure you that the shipment will be made not later than the fist half of May.

65. We will get the goods dispatched within the stipulated time.

66. The earliest delivery we can make is at the end of September.


67. You may know that time of delivery is a matter of great important.

68. You know that time of delivery if very important to us. I hope you can give our request your special consideration.

69. Lets discuss the delivery date first. You offered to deliver the goods within six months after the contract



70. The interval is too long. Could we expect an earlier shipment within three months?


71. We shall effect shipment as soon as the goods are ready

72. We will speed up the production in order to ship your order in time.

73. If you desire earlier delivery, we can only make a partial shipment.

74. But youd better ship the goods entirely.

75. Well try our best. The earliest delivery we can make is in May, but I can assure you that well do our


best to advance the shipment.

76. Im afraid not. As you know, our manufacturers are full and we have a lot of order to fill.

77. Ill find out with our home office. Well do our best to advance the time of delivery.

78. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

79. I believe that the products will reach you in time and in good order and hope they will give you complete satisfaction.


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