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2014-04-21 16:44 Reply
【Practical Exhibition Oral English】Exhibition Oral English ⑤(Keep updating~)



12. Is it possible that you lower the price a bit?

13. Do you think you can possibly cut down your prices by 10%?

14. Can you bring your price down a bit? Say $20 per dozen.

15. Its too high; we have another offer for a similar one at much lower price.

16. But dont you think its a little high?


17. Your price is too high for us to accept.

18. It would be very difficult for us to push any sales it at this price.

19. If you can go a little lower, Id be able to give you an order on the spot.


20. It is too much. Can you discount it?



21. Our price is highly competitive./ this is the lowest possible price./Our price is very reasonable.

22. Our price is competitive as compared with that in the international market.

23. To tell you the truth, we have already quoted our lowest price.

24. I can assure you that our price if the most favorable. A trial will convince you of my words.

25. The price has been cut to the limit.

26. Im sorry. It is our rock-bottom price.

27. My offer was based on reasonable profit, not on wild speculations.

28. While we appreciate your cooperation, we regret to say that we cant reduce our price any further.



29. Can we each make some concession?

30. In order to conclude business, we are prepared to cut down our price by 5%.

31. If your order is big enough, we may reconsider our price.

32. Buyer wish to buy cheap and sellers wish to sell dear. Everyone has an eye to his own benefit.

33. The price of his commodity has recently been adjusted due to advance in cost.

34. Considering our good relationship and future business, we give a 3% discount.

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