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【Practical Exhibition Oral English】Exhibition Oral English ④(Keep updating~)



1. We have a very strict quality controlling system which promises that goods we produced are always of the best quality.

2. You have got the quality there as well as the style.

3. How do you feel like the quality of our products?

4. The high quality of the products will secure their leading status in the market place.

5. You must be aware that our quality is far superior to others.

6. We pride ourselves on quality. That is our best selling point.

7. As long as the quality is good. It is all right if the price is a bit higher.

8. They enjoy good reputation in the world.

9. When we compare prices, we must first take into account the quality of the products.

10. There is no quality problem. Quality is something we never neglect.

11. You are right. It is good in material, fashionable in design, and superb in workmanship.

12. We deliver all our orders within one month after receipt of the covering letters of credit.

13. Do you have specific request for packing? Here are the samples of packing available now, you may have a look.

14. I wonder if you have found that our specifications meet your requirements. Im sure the prices we

submitted are competitive.Sample Text




1. Will you please let us have an idea of your price?

2. Are the prices on the list firm offers?

3. How about the price/ How much is this?



4. This is our price list.

5. We dont give any commission in general.


6. What do you think of the payment terms?

7. Here are our FOB prices. All the prices in the lists are subject to our final confirmation.

8. In general, our prices are given on a FOB basis.

9. We offer you our best prices, at which we have done a lot business with other customers.

10. Will you please tell us the specifications, quantity and packing you want, so that we can work out the offer ASAP?

11. This is the pricelist, but it serves as a guide line only. Is there anything you are particularly interested in?

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