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2014-04-15 11:25 Reply
【Practical Exhibition Oral English】Exhibition Oral English ②(Keep updating~)


 1. Could you say that again, please?

2. Could you repeat that, please?

3. Could you write that down?

4. Could you speak a little more slowly, please?

5. You meanis that right?

6. Do you mean..?

7. Excuse me for interrupting you.


 1. Would like a glass of water? / can I get you a cup of Chinese red tea? / How about a Coke?

2. Alright, let me make some. Ill be right back.

3. A cup of coffee would be great. Thanks.

4. There are many places where we can eat. How about Cantonese food?

5. I would like to invite you for lunch today.

6. Oh, I cant let you pay. It is my treat, you are my guest.

7. May I propose that we break for coffee now?

8. Excuse me. Ill be right back

9. Excuse me a moment.


 1. Wish you a very pleasant journey home? Have a good journey!

2. Thank you very much for everything you have done us during your stay in China.

3. It is a pity you are leaving so soon.

4. Im looking forward to seeing you again.

5. Ill see you to the airport tomorrow morning.

6. Dont forget to look me up if you are ever in FUZHOU. Have a nice journey!


1. May I make an appointment? Id like to arrange a meeting to discuss our new order.

2. Lets fix the time and the place of our meeting.

3. Can we make it a little later?

4. Do you think you could make it Monday afternoon? That would suit me better.

5. Would you please tell me when you are free?

6. Im afraid I have to cancel my appointment.

7. It looks as if I wont be able to keep the appointment we made.

8. Will you change our appoint tomorrow at 10:00 to the day after tomorrow at the came time?

9. Anytime except Monday would be all right.

10. OK, I will be here, then.

11. We'll leave some evenings free, that is, if it is all right with you.



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