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2014-03-13 15:57 Reply
Chemical trader come in please(about customer problem)
Hello everybody!!!

i am dealing with water reducing agent product and i am confused on how to find a customer now.  Does B2B useful?
it seems the trade lead i published be ignored,and so difficult to get contact of exist company. So what i can do in the following work?
We are so difficult to get the product on a clear classification.


By the way,put a small advertisement,pls dont mind it.
we dealing with sodium lignosulphonate,calcium lignosulphonate,sodium gluconate,polycarxylate superplasticizer,etc.
If you are the trader in terms of ceramic,concrete admixture,felitizer,etc. and interested in my product,pls contact me.
contact person:gloria XU(Ms.)  Tel:86 2787108780/Mobile:86 13125035664   HUBEI AGING CHEMICAL CO,.LTD

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