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We can supply you the following HITACHI Feeders. Also Feeder Parts and Hitachi GXH bank feeder change carts, Hitachi Sigma G5 bank feeder change carts. also have sigma G5 machine and Sigma G5S machine to sell. 8MM GT-08080/GT-08081/GT-08082/GT-08083 8MM GT-18080B/GT-18081B/GT-18082B/GT-18083B 8MM GT-18080C/GT-18081C/GT-18082C 8MM GT-28080/GT-28081/GT-28082 8MM GT-38080/GT-38081/GT-38082 12/16MM GT-12160/GT-12161/GT-12162 24/32MM GT-24320/GT-24321/GT-24322 44/56MM GT-44560/GT-44561/GT-44562 72MM GT-72000/GT-72001/GT-72002 88MM GT-88000/GT-88001/GT-88002 8MM GD-08080/GD-08081/GD-08082 8MM GD-18080B/GD-18081B/GD-18082B 8MM GD-18080C/GD-18081C/GD-18082C/GD-18083C 8MM GD-28080/GD-28081/GD-28082/GD-28083 8MM GD38080/GD38081/GD38082 12/16MM GD-12160/GD-12161/GD-12162 24/32MM GD-24320/GD-24321/GD-24322 44/56MM GD-44560/GD-44561/GD-44562 72MM GT-72000/GT-72001/GT-72002 88MM GT-88000/GT-88001/GT-88002 8MM SL-48085/SL-48086/SL-48087/SL-48088 Tel: +86 13640971513 whatsapp:+86 13640971513 Skype: smt-feeders Wechat: 13640971513 Email: Website:
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Name: Tina Hong
Nickname: smtfeeders
Member Since: 2016-11-17
Sex: Female
From: United States
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Shenzhen Zhi Honglai Trading Ltd
We can supply you the following UNIVERSAL Feeders. Also Feeder Parts, Feeder Storage Carts / Feeder Trolley, Feeder Calibration Jig. 49889209 8mm High Performance DL-60 (Gold Plus) 49889210 8mm ......  Read more

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