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Member Points
Member Point is the Reward Program for member’s active participation in Community. The Member Points can be earned and used within the Community. The most common use of the Member Points is to use them on Signature Promotion.

Moreover, members with the highest points will be not only listed on the Member Point Ranking page but also treated as Community VIPs.

Here are the types of actions related to Member Points.

Member Points Table
Action Member Points
Begin participating on EC21 Community 50
Posting a New Topic/Survey 10
Deleting a Topic/Survey -10
Replying to a Topic/Survey 2
Asking a Question 10
Deleting a Question -10
Answering a Question 2
Choosing a Best Answer for Your Question 5
Your Answer Selected as the Best Answer *10/30/50
Your *Post Recommended by Moderator 50
Signature Promotion (What is this?) -50 per a week
*10/30/50 : These points vary dependent on how much point the asker offer for the best answer.
*Post: can be a Topic, a Survey, or a Question.

Passive Action Member Points
Your Post Deleted as an *Abuse -100
Your Post Deleted as a Trade Lead -30
*Abuse: Abuse can be one or more type(s) of actions or behaviors which violate
  the community rules or etiquettes.
  Please refer to Report Abuse in Community Help for further details.

For further assistance, you may check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Or you can always ask us through Contact Us.