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Community Rules (DOs and DON’Ts)
EC21 Community is a place that allows businessmen to share and discuss business issues and ideas, then eventually establish their networks with others in mutual interests. Therefore, we strictly prevent the publication of certain topics/items that are considered as inappropriate for the Community:
1. User content cannot infringe upon copyrights and other intellectual properties.
2. User content cannot contain personal attacks.
3. User content cannot be or otherwise resemble Selling Leads, Buying Leads, Products, Company service contents. Moreover,
    any post related to buying or selling is not allowed on all Forums in Community.
4. Users should not engage in political, racial, and religious discussions.
5. EC21 has the right to delete any of the above-mentioned content posted by users without notifying the poster, just as EC21 has the
    right to edit and use content posted by users and make links to user content

DOs and DON'Ts:

Do please be gentle and respect others.
Do try and express your thoughts professionally and clearly.
Do be on-topic not off-topic. Posting on the most belonging and appropriate Forums are the essence of the EC21 Community.
Do be responsible what you say - you are responsible for what you write. Any message violating either EC21 values or civil rights
  and laws, will be forced to be erased and the member who cause those kinds of problems, will be banned and their membership
  will be terminated by EC21.
Do cite the source of your information when copying it from other mediums.

Don't swear. Swearing instead discussing doesn’t get you anywhere but make everyone uncomfortable. This kind of conduct certainly
   violates the EC21 values.
Don't get personal. Disrespecting others is one of the worst conducts at EC21.
Don’t be offensive. Hazing, harassing, or impersonating other members can’t never be acceptable in any circumstances.  
Don't post personal / racial / ethnic / gender-based insults, slurs or offensive comments.
Don't post junk/spam.
Don't post advertisements. If you are unsure whether or not a posting constitutes an advertisement, contact us before posting.
Don't make slanderous statements or anything else that might violate someone's privacy.
Don't post contact details, such as phone numbers, physical address details, email addresses or any other type of contact details
  (including website addresses, Instant Messenger IDs, and so on).
Don't transfer your Member Points from one of your accounts to another.
Don't post any type of contact information in your signatures.
Don't post in ALL CAPITALS, Special Characters, or languages other than English.
Don't post trade leads in your posts, replies and personal articles.

For further assistance, you may check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Or you can always ask us through Contact Us.