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EC21 Administrator
EC21 Administrator
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2015-12-29 15:17 Reply
2016 New Year's Greeting from EC21!

Goodbye 2015 and Welcome 2016 !

Dear EC21 members,

Thank you very much for all your kind supports in 2015.

We wish everyone of you a happy new year and most importantly your successful business via!

For EC21, 2015 was a very busy, but wonderful year.
Here we'd like to share some highlights of EC21 in 2015.

1. Service Updates:
EC21 Storefront (Company Homepage) launched.
Global Buyer Directory upgraded.

2. New Media Partnership:
Collaborating & partnering with 25 international trade shows.

3. Daily Membership Activities & Trends:
Over 1,000 suppliers join EC21 Membership everyday.
Suppliers post 20,000 various products everyday.
New buyers post about 2,000 buying leads a week and 15,000 buying
inquiries everyday.

For the year 2016, we have greater plans for new services and good news for your business.
So please stay tuned for the upcoming new features and special events! 

Wish you all a very happy, prosperous new year 2016!  

Best Regards, 
EC21 Service Team

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1. 2016-02-16 12:36 in response to: EC21 Administrator
Re : 2016 New Year's Greeting from EC21!
We  are  project  funder  with  our  cutting  edge  and  group  capital  fund  we  can  finance  your  signatory  projects  and  help  you  to  enhance  your  business  plan,  our  financial  instrument  can  be  used  for  purchase  of  good  from  any  manufacturer  irrespective  of  location.  We  specialized  in  BG,  SBLC,  MTN,  CD,LC  ,  Non  collateral  loan,  confirmable  Bank  Draft  and  other  financial  assistance  from  AAA  rated  bank  (Prime  Bank).  The  financial  instrument  can  be  invested  into  High  Yield  Trading  Program  or  Private  Placement  Programme  (PPP).  Please  see  our  instrument  description  and  leasing  procedure  as  follow.

1.  Instrument:  Bank  Guarantee  {BG}  /StandBy  Letter  of  Credit{SBLC}    (Appendix  A)
2.  Total  Face  Value:  Eur/USD  1M{Minimum}  to  Eur/USD  10B{Maximum}
3.  Issuing  Bank:  AAA  Rated  Bank  (Prime  Bank).
4.  Age:  One  Year  and  One  Day
5.  Leasing  Price:  3.0%  +  1%  Broker  commission
6.  Delivery:    S.W.I.F.T      MT-760
7.  Payment:  MT103  (TT/WT)
8.  Hard  Copy:  Bonded  Courier  Service

We  specialize  in  Bank  Guarantee  lease  and  sales,  there  are  two  types  of  bank  guarantee  which  are  Direct  Bank  Guarantee  and  Indirect  Bank  Guarantee.  Its  used  as  Bid  Bond,  Payment  Guarantees,  Letter  of  Indemnity,  Guarantee  Securing  Credit  Line,  Advance  Payment  Guarantees,  Performance  Bond  Guarantee  E.T.C.
Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers  are  welcome  to  bring  their  clients  and  are  100%  protected.  In  complete  confidence,  we  will  work  together  for  the  benefits  of  all  parties  involved.

Thank  you
Skype:  joydeep.ghosh10
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2. 2016-09-19 13:15 in response to: EC21 Administrator
Attn: We provide Currency Exchange,BG,SBLC,Monetized,Project Funding

Good Day.

I am Direct Bank & Provider Mandate of BG,SBLC.MT103,MT799,MT760,Discounting and Project Funding,and  can work hand in hand with Brokers and financial consultants around the world.

We await your interest.


Chris Pritchard

Flexible & Financing Solutions.
(Registered No 09409514)
107 George Street, West Central,
London, W1S 2FD.UK.
Skype ID: christopher.pritchard7

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3. 2016-10-26 00:55 in response to: EC21 Administrator
Re : 2016 New Year's Greeting from EC21!
Kindly  let  me  know  what  exactly  you  want?  ,  We  are  direct  providers  of  Fresh  Cut  BG,  SBLC  and  LC  which  are  specifically  for  lease,  our  bank  instrument  can  be  engage  in  PPP  Trading,  Discounting,  signature  project(s)  such  as  Aviation,  Agriculture,  Petroleum,  Telecommunication,  construction  of  Dams,  Bridges,  Real  Estate  and  all  kind  of  projects  and  right  now  we  have  an  option  for  lease  and  we  can  deliver  strictly  with  our  working  procedure  and  terms  only.

Thank  you
Mr  Raphael  Shlomo  Hakuk.
Skype  ID:  rhfunding.raphkuk
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