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2012-02-10 00:48
Community Member whose Points are lower than -90 will be blocked from now on.
Dear all Community Members,

Despite all our continuous efforts to stop the spams and advertisements, we've noticed there are some members who just keep on posting irrelevant or advertising content against Community Rules and notifications.

Therefore, we have launched Community Blocking System for those who post spams, scams, tradeleads, or advertisements.

From now on (Since Nov. 2010), any Community Members whose Member Points are lower than -90 will be automatically blocked from EC21 Community.

Please refer to our Community Member Points Rules below.
Passive Action Member Points
Your Post Deleted as an *Abuse -100
Your Post Deleted as a Trade Lead -30

*Abuse: Abuse can be one or more type(s) of actions or behaviors which violate the community rules or etiquettes.
  Please refer to Community Member Points in Community Help for further details.

This certainly means that you will be blocked if you post more than 3 topics or replies that contain irrelevant or advertising content, on Community Forum.
Once you get blocked, you won't be able to post any Topics or Replies on Community Forums any more.

If you have any question on this, please contact us.

Thank you for all your supports and cooperations.

EC21 Support Team

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