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Dissatisfied Customer
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2017-02-13 19:10 Reply
Warning!!! Do Not Trade with Yogi ASDEFON21.EC21 from Indonesia
Vanari Tona and Riki Suntara are down right dishonest and greedy. They took my money for an agreed price of USD345.00 for 3 units of ECGH100 Eco Grill but did not deliver the products. Vanari even came back to me saying that he made a mistake saying the minimum order is 10 units and the order has been picked up for shipping and need me to pay for the balance 7 units. I replied saying I will not paying any more until I received the goods. They then counter offer that I pay for another 2 units and balance when arrived. I refused and asked for refund which they agree it would be done in 2-3 days but that did not happen. After several pursuit by mail, they finally reply saying they will probably send the items but that it did not happen either. It has been 7 days now and no more reply from them since 6 February.  When I checked their company's website over a few times, their contact name keep changing but the person's face stays the same. 

Probably this will be my first and last time dealing with any EC21 supplier. I was actually shocked to see there are so many fraud cases posted in the community forum. This makes me wonder the integrity of this company. The email address posted under International Customer is also not valid. 
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