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2016-10-14 15:59 Answer
how to find out that a company is exist?
Dear Sirs, I found a company through your side selling used outboard motors and I would like to find out whether this company exist and I can do any business with them. Please advice. Regards Titos Mouskis
EC21 Administrator
EC21 Administrator
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1. 2016-11-10 10:34 in response to: mouskis
Re : how to find out that a company is exist?
Dear  Mouskis,
Thank  you  for  your  message.
And  my  sincere  apology  for  the  delayed  reply.  

We  cannot  guarantee  the  credentials  of  regular  members  of  EC21.
Therefore  you  need  to  check  the  credentials  of  potential  partners  before  engaging  in  business.    

You  can  apply  for  credit  inspection  of  the  company  by  inquiring  Credit  Report  Service  in  this  page.

Please  refer  to  
and  be  vigilant  at  all  times.  

Best  Regards
EC21  Service  Team  

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