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Zara Torki
Zara Torki
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2016-09-13 14:05 Reply
Supplying Sheep Casing

Dear Friend;

Wish you a nice day.

This is ZARA contacting with you from Toseeh Tejarat Company in Iran.

We found your company information via Internet and I understood that you are working in the field of Sheep Casings.

One of our close friends has the Manufacturing Company for all kinds of Sheep Casings and Cow Casings in different Grades with high quality.

We are glad to get you informed that we can supply Sheep Casing for your company with any amount quantity you need.

So, please kindly let me know how much amount for this product you need. I will promise to supply it for you with good quality and low price.

Also I can sedn you the Catalog and any other information you need for our products.

Plaese kindly review my above mentioned letter and let me have your answer in this regard soon.

Best Regards:
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