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【Practical Exhibition Oral English】Exhibition Oral English⑨(Keep updating~)


5. Wed like you to pay us by L/C.

6. We always require L/C for our exports and we pay by L/C for our imports as well.

7. We insist on full payment.

8. We ask for a 30 percent down payment.

9. We expect payment in advance on first orders.


10. We hope you will accept D/P payments terms.

11. In view of this order of small quantity, we propose payment by D/P with collection through a band so as to simplify the payment procedure.

12. Payment by L/C is the safest method, but rather complicated.


13. Im sorry. We cant accept D/P or D/A. We insist on payment by L/C.

14. Im afraid we must insist on our usual payment terms.

15. Payment by installments is not the usual practice in world trade.

16. It is difficult for us to accept your suggestion


17. In view of our long friendly relations and the efforts you have made in pushing the sales, we agree to change the terms of payment from L/C at sight to D/P at sight; however, this should not be taken as a precedent.

18. I have no alternative but to accept your terms of payment.


19. When should we open the L/C?

20. Your L/C must reach us 30 days before the date of delivery so as to enable us to make all necessary arrangements.

21. How long should our L/C be valid?

22. The L/C should be valid 30 days after the date of shipment.

23. Could you tell me what documents youll provide?

24. Together with the draft, well  also send you a full set of bill of lading, an invoice, and an insurance policy, a certificate of origin and a certificate of inspection. I suppose that is all.

25. In what currency will payment by made?

26. We usually do business in U.S.dollars as world prices are often dollars based.

保险 客人询问保险

1. As for the insurance, I have quite a lot of things which I am still not clear about.

2. May I ask you a few questions about insurance?

3. What do your insurance clauses cover?

4. I wonder if the insurance company holds the responsibility for the loss.

5. Have you taken our insurance for us on these goods?

6. Can you tell me the difference between WPA and FPA?

7. What risks are you usually covered against?

8. Is war risk to be covered?

9. Id like to have the insurance of the goods covered at 110% of the invoice amount.

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1. 2014-08-08 12:37 in response to: Nikita
Re : 【Practical Exhibition Oral English】Exhibition Oral English⑨(Keep updating~)
Very  nice  of  you,and  thank  you  for  your  sharing.
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