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What is Signature Promotion?
  1. Signature Promotion is a unique promotion feature available only in EC21 community forums. By enabling Signature Promotion setting, your signature will appear on the bottom of every post (Topic, Question, or Reply, Answer) you create.

  2. Your signature consists of your company profile, such as company name, home URL, and brief introduction which you submitted when you registered for the company membership.

  3. By displaying the signature in all your posts, you will certainly have more opportunity to promote your company to future buyers as you contribute new posts to community forums. In other words, the more you post, the more attentions your company will get. Most of all, as long as your points remain over 50 and your Company Profile is approved by EC21 staffs for Company Directory listing, you can use Signature Promotion for free. If you are ready, please enable the above setting to start.
Things to Remember Before Using Signature Promotion

How does Signature Promotion work with Member Points?
As you activate Signature Promotion,
  1. Signature Promotion can only be purchasable in one week increments.
  2. Signature Promotion will be disabled if your total Member Points are less than the minimum requirement of 50.
  3. Once you activate the setting, Member Points will be deducted accordingly from your MP account in weekly basis unless disabling the setting by yourself.
Note: This setting will overcome all your existing Signatures on all your posts. In other words, once you disable this setting while using your signature, your signature on every post will be removed despite your MP(Member Points) deduction.
For further assistance, you may check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Or you can always ask us through Contact Us.