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What should I do if I find some Topic which violates EC21 Community Values?
While participating in Community Forums, and you see a post that violates the Community Rules or Int'l Laws and Justice, such as vulgarity, profanity, something illegal, obscene, pornographic, or if someone has posted personal information about another member, please click on the "Report Abuse" link found on every post of every Topic.

Our Forum Moderators will then review the post in question for violations of the Community Rules and Community Values, and then will take appropriate actions.

- You may "Report Abuse" on following reasons:
Off-topic: Posting irrelevant posts
Contact Info: Displaying contact information of himself/herself or others
Private Email: Rude, profane, threatening remarks
Harassment: Interpersonal dispute, harassment, hostile comments
Obscene: Obscene, adult material
Repetition & Disruption: Repetitive posts or disruptive code
Impersonation: Impersonation of staff or member
Spam: Advertising, solicitation
Disturbance: Posting private email, link URL, and so on
Improper Title: Web address or item number in title
User Suspended: Discussion of sanctioned/suspended member
Bad Intention: Violation of the Community Values
Delete: *Remove my post (not recommended)
Misbehavior: Not following EC21 Staff instructions
Other: If you don't see the violation covered in the menu, choose "other" and you will see a short input field where you can enter more information.

*Remove my post: Self Reporting for Removal; Your Reply or Answer cannot be deleted by you. Therefore, you can use this “Remove my post” in “Report Abuse”, to have your Reply or Answer removed from the board.

For further assistance, you may check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Or you can always ask us through Contact Us.