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Posts and Topics
A Post is a single message posted by a member.

A Topic is a main subject Post that represents the conversation between members. Each Topic starts out as a single Post and grows as more individual Posts are added under as Replies, by different users.

- Topics, Questions and Surveys
There are 3 types in the Topic, such as Topics, Questions, and Surveys as starting a new discussion.
You must register for membership to post them.

• Topic
A Topic is ordinary type of Topic that people commonly post in order to start a discussion.

• Question
A Question is quite different from the ordinary Topic since it involves Member Point System and people use this point system to ask a question and get the best answer for the question as quickly as possible.

• Survey
A Survey is a Topic contains polls. When you click one of the Forums, you are taken to the list of Topics the Forum contains. To start a new discussion, simply click on the ‘Post Topic’   or ‘Ask Question’  button. Here you can post a Survey by selecting a Posting Type as Topic with Survey at the posting form.

- Topic Lists
Topic lists can be ordered in 3 different ways.

• All Topics & Questions
The default is to have the Topics, Questions, and Surveys listed all together with the most recent activity at the top.

• Unsolved Questions
Meanwhile, you can also view only Unsolved Questions in every each forum. This menu is specially designed for those who want to share their unique knowledge for EC21 members by answering the questions.

• Recommended Topics
At last, there are ‘All Recommended’ Topic menu which displays only the topics recommended by the forum moderators and administrators..

- Replies and Answers
How do I read or participate in a Topic discussion?
To read a Topic, click on the interesting Topic subject among the Topic list in any Forum. To participate in the Topic, you must first register for membership. After registration, you can either reply to a Topic or answer a Question along the Topic type.

• Reply
Reply button appears on the right side of every post in Topics. To post a reply to an existing Topic, click on ‘Reply’ button.

• Answer
Answer button appears on the right side of every post in Questions. To post an Answer to an existing question,
click on ‘Answer’ button. Unlike ‘Reply’, ‘Answer’ can be rewarded with Member Points by the Question asker.

- Notice and Sticky
What are ‘Notice’ and ‘Sticky’ Posts?
‘Notice’ or ‘Sticky’ Posts are created by moderators or administrators, and remain stuck to the top of the Topic list in each Forum, even if they haven’t had any Posts recently.

• Notice
Notice is a special message posted by the administrator in order for EC21 to announce the ongoing or latest news to all EC21 members and users so that members can keep it in mind in use of EC21 Community services. Notice is displayed at the top of Topic listing pages, above topics and even above sticky.

• Sticky
The purpose of Sticky is to keep important issues visible and accessible at all times in the Forum.

- Searching Topics
The best way to find topics is using Topic Search at the navigation bar. You may search the keyword that you wish to find. When you input the search keywords at the navigation bar, please note that the search engine only searches the keywords within the Topic subjects, Topic messages, and author nicknames for the Topics. This means any search keywords that you input to find the contents of Replies or Answers, won’t find any search results.
For further assistance, you may check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Or you can always ask us through Contact Us.