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Community Overview
You can now connect with other members to optimize your trade experience and stay in tune with the current product trends,
trade know-how, and so on.

What is EC21 Community?
EC21 Community is a place that allows businessmen to share and discuss business issues and ideas, then eventually establish their networks with others in mutual interests.

Please register for Membership to start your Community at EC21.

How is EC21 Community structured?
EC21 Community is Forum-based Community as a whole contains various Forum Categories (broad subject areas), which themselves contain Forums (more specific subject areas) which themselves consist of Topics.

Community main page has a set of forum categories which consist of forums with basic statistics for each forum, including the number of topics, and which member posted the most recent message.

- Forums
Forums are also called as Discussion Boards through online. EC21 Community basically consists of various Forums opened for any membership so that they can come and share their knowledge through topic discussions or question asking & answering.

- Forum Categories
: A Group of Forums in a Certain Related Theme

EC21 Community consists of 3 Forum Categories as below,

• Trade Forums:
This category contains 6 Forums related to all trade issues, such as Basics of Import-Export , Business Talk , Buyers Lounge , Trade Shows , Safe Trading Basics , and Report & Verify Fraud.

• Product Forums:
This category contains various Product Forums that discuss the trends, resources, and knowledge of products. At first, there are 6 popular Forums provided as a default setting, such as Dresses , Ladies’ Handbags , Laptops , MP4 Players , Mobile Phones , and Motorcycles. However, it can be expanded up to about 5000 Forums as you or other members post new topics on new Product Forums.

• Non-business Forums:
This category contains 3 Forums which are about any issues other than the Forums above, such as Free Talk , Travel , and English Expression.
For further assistance, you may check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Or you can always ask us through Contact Us.