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Community Profile Features
Membership Registration
In order to use all the features of the Community Forum, Membership Registration is mandatory. Being registered gives you an identity on the board, a fixed username to display on all your posts and your profile.

Registration is free (unless otherwise specified), and offers an extended range of features as below:

• Posting new Topics, Replies, Questions, Answers, and Surveys
• Replying to others messages 
• Editing your posts
• Receiving notification of replies on your posts and any other Topics you added in the 'My Watchlist'

Community Profile
- View or Edit Community Profile
You can view or edit your own Profile by clicking ‘View My Profile (Edit)’ appeared on the right top of every community page.
- View Others’ Profile
As reading a Topic by clicking the Topic subject among the Topic list in any Forum, you’ll see brief information about the member who created the Post, on the left blue space at each post. If you click the nickname of the member, it will lead you to his/her Profile page.
- What information will be displayed on Community Profile?
• Picture Image of Member
• Company Website Link
• Overall Ranking & “Best Answer” Ranking for Community Activities
• Community Profile, such as Name, Nickname, Registration Date, Gender, Nationality, and Member Type
• Brief Company Profile with its Link URL (Only if you registered for Company Membership.)
• List of Posted Topics & Questions
• List of Posted Replies & Answers
• Company Showroom which shows business information, such as Company Products, Buying Leads, and Selling Leads (Only if you registered for Company Membership and posted them at My EC21.)

You must set your Nickname in order to post any messages, such as Topics, Questions, Surveys, Replies, and Answers.
You can set your Nickname in any posting forms or in your ‘Edit My Profile’ page. Please note that Nickname can’t be changed but is permanently fixed once you submitted.

For further assistance, you may check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Or you can always ask us through Contact Us.